Each property owner has different requirements regarding pets. Some owners will allow pets and some will not. Each rental listing says if pets are considered or not allowed. If your rental considers pets it probably won’t be an issue to have a pet. Usually, there is an increase in rent and in the Security Deposit. We also require 1-4 pet inspections per year, at the cost of the tenant ($10-$40 per month). If the listing is NO PETS then it will not be allowed. If pets are considered, you will need to submit an approval request form and a profile for each pet so we can get it approved by the owner.

Service Animals

Do you accept service animals?

Usually yes with the proper documentation. You must have a disability and have a medical professional submit paperwork indicating the service animal directly helps you with your disability. Once we’ve received all the paperwork and you’ve completed the pet profile, we will evaluate your request and let you know if the service animal is allowed. You must receive authorization from us before allowing a service animal in your rental unit.

Service Animal Request

First, download & submit the Service Animal Request Form.

Submit the Pet Profile

Next, submit a pet profile for each service animal in your property.

Medical Support Form

Finally, download the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form & give to your healthcare provider.